Norwegian Arms - Wolf Like a Stray Dog (2013)

so far, 2013 is shaping up. norwegian arms is a neo-freak-psychedelic-folk band that released a stunning ep 2 years ago, and with their debut, they prove to be a budding force. complex, energetic, and somberly fun - all wrapped up in this great album. 


  1. just seeing the redesign for the first time, looks great, nice job.

  2. Intriguing stuff, with some unusual arrangements featuring mandolin (I think). The singing is a little forced and manic for my taste, but I see a lot of promise from this guy. Most interesting of all is the pdf included with the mp3s documenting the singer's time spent in Russia, way up in the tundra in winter(!) Sort of a journal, but reading it helps bring the music into better focus.




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